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Of topic and a new dress…

Some days ago I was sitting in the kitchen and talked to our kids about their own thoughts for the coming summer, the last essays to be done and the future. Now they are watching the One Love Manchester on TV - a concert in tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing. It is to honor the lost, injured and affected. I think that it was cowardly done to attack our future like that. The youngster have not done a thing. But as a journalist wrote here - it is easier to build up buildings than a generation. The thing that scares me most, is that our girls could have been there on 22nd May. They have seen Ariana Grande before and have been even abroad to see their stars. It really hurst to see innocent people to become victims like this. We never know when, why or what - it is the new way to be in war. We are vulnerable, but we need to stay strong. Never let fear take over.
I know that this was of topic, but I had to share some thoughts.
On the evening when I sat in the kitchen, talking…

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